13 April 2009

Man goes for a drink...

Today, I had a nice drink with my lunch. It was called "Valencia Orange Juice and crushed Alphonso Mango".

I'd drunk it before I realised: Crushed Alphonso Mango.

The heartless bastards.

The Alphonso Mango!! The flamboyant Puerto Rican Cha-cha-cha maestro! The reigning king of Guajira rhythm!

Alphonso Mango (pictured with sister Kesar)

I didn't even know he was ill.

That's not nice. Those mercantile types have ground up his remains and mixed them into Valencia Orange? Disgraceful. Not even the decency to issue an obituary, or offer a percentage of the profits to his family...

The world's gone mad, I tell you.

Interestingly, the original Latin name of Valencia was Valentia, meaning "Strength", "Vigour". The city was named after Emperor Valens who ordered the foundation of a new colony in Hispania. During the rule of the Muslim Empires in Spain, it was known as Balansiya in Arabic.

There's not much strength or vigour in our Alphonso now, though.

I wouldn't mind, but he was allergic to orange juice.

And he hated Valencia.

I wonder what his sister's up to.

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