8 April 2009

Days-ed and Confused

Anyway, it turns out that the Sunday after next is Introspection Sunday.

National Introspection Day to give it its full title, as sponsored by the United Kingdom & International Standing Committee for Introspective Studies.


I wonder how long they thought about that...

There should be more stuff like that, I think.

We kind of have National No-Smoking Day, and International Noise Awareness Day, and Earth Day, and Real Nappy Week, and Take Our Daughters and Sons Into Work Day, and International Make-A-Wish Day, and International Left-Handers Day (Hi-diddly-ho!), and World Smile Day, and World Architecture Day and World Teachers' Day and Walk A Dog To School Day, and Seed Gathering Sunday, and Feed The Birds Day, and International Stammering Awareness Day, and Bug Busting Day ("Headlice Beware!") and Wear It Pink Day, World Wetlands Day and National Potato Day, and Safe Internet Day, Gold Heart Day, and Bacon Connoisseurs Week, and International Mother Language Day and One Bin Day, World Thinking Day, and Work Your Proper Hours Day and Tree Dressing Day, and International Mountain Day, and National Badger Day, and....

We just don't do enough of that sort of thing... Sigh.

I would want to be responsible for International Sadness Celebration Day.

That'd confuse things.

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