5 April 2009

RomComrades in Arms

I had a conversation today with a man who decided we were expressing our "camp" sides because we were talking about romantic comedies. I tried to convince him that we would more likely be talking of musical cinema if we were so doing, but he wasn't certain; and he being in the Navy, I decided that perhaps I was wrong and he knew more of the matter than I.

But it got me to thinking about RomComs to avoid. High amongst those not to peruse, I would hold "Return To Me", in which David Duchovny's brilliant zoologist wife, played by Joely Richardson, dies in a car accident, soon after a glittering celebration of her genius. Her heart is rushed to save the life of the ailing Minnie Driver (for completeness this is a British female actor; NOT the chauffeur of the small, squarish, economical British car which runs down Joely Richardson, brutally slaying her), in turn desperately in need of a transplant.

It's called "Return To Me". I think you can guess where it goes after that.
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My brother - a well-known little-known writer - disliked 'Truly, Madly, Deeply'; as he didn't care about the central characters.

I disagreed, though I was unhappy with it because I felt that the end was all wrong. Any genuinely romantic conclusion would have had Juliet Stevenson's character TOP HERSELF in order to be with the Ghost of Alan Rickman.


We wholly agree though, that 'Love Actually' is just fucking shite.

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