29 October 2009

Net gains

Steppy II's maternal grandmother - Mrs Graph's Scottish mother - has always been supportive of Steppy II's aspirations to play for Manchester United; albeit that that is clearly morally wrong.

Today that support has extended to taking him shopping for a new pair of training shoes.

Whilst in the shops, along with Mrs Graph, a conversation was had about the decision of Steppy II's maternal grandmother's former neighbour's daughter - now aged 16 - to play netball for Scotland, qualifying through her own mother, also a Scottish woman.

Hell! That was a long and confusing sentence. I wonder how that happened.

Anyway, following the conversation about her choosing to play netball for Scotland, Steppy II's maternal grandmother said to him, "You could do that. I'm Scottish, so you could play for Scotland when you're older".

"But I'm rubbish at netball!" he protested.

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