19 November 2014

It only FEELS like a lifetime... :)

Oh, this is going to sound so ungrateful. So ungrateful. But it really isn't. 

I don't know who nominated me for the @Comms2Point0 Lifetime Achievement unaward (though I have my suspicions) but I genuinely thank whomever it was. It's massively flattering that anyone might consider me worth nominating.

And it's such a massive honour, especially to be alongside Fran and David. But I don't deserve it. Honestly. I have been in Comms, albeit with two astonishingly bloody marvellous teams for less than four years now. I came in from customer services, with a background in the voluntary sector, and I love Comms to death. Utterly love it. Love it. And I hope I occasionally make a contribution, with my team, my council and with people who work in the same sort of stuff. I hope I sometimes have a daft enough opinion that I provoke. But it's four years, and I don't honestly feel like I have achieved enough to justify an award nomination with the word 'achievement' in the title.

I'd be ecstatic to win the award for Blog Post of the Year. I loved the reaction to the nominated post. 

But I'm actually proper ember arsed to be nominated against actual brilliant Comms people like Fran Collingham and David Holdstock. I know who I nominated for the same category, and I know I'm not fit to be on the list when they ain't. 

So I am grateful. Really grateful. Don't think I won't put it on my CV because I damned well will. I'm just unconvinced :)

So here's an UNcampaign to match the unawards.

Don't vote for me. When the rationales for nominations are published, have a look and choose which of the other two deserves your support and vote for them.

But please do please vote for my blog post please (if you like it).

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