17 May 2010

Enough (Eu)rope to hang themselves

Mrs Graph and I have discussed dragging Steppy II to
Tromsø. October-ish. Maybe.

We explained this to him this evening.
"Where's that?", says he.

Fair question.

But I - regrettably - decide he has to tell me. "Where do you think it might be?"
"Is it in Europe"?
"Is it in Hungary"?
"No. Not so far East".
"Is it in Holland"?
"No. Further North".
"No; a bit too Eastern again. North of the Netherlands and western-ish".
"Is it in Portugal"?
"PORTUGAL!!!? Where do you think Portugal is, that means it's North of the bloody Netherlands"!?
"Well, is it Macedonia then?
"Mass-a-bleedin'-Donia?? I hate to think what they're teaching you at school"!
"Well I don't know then. Is it in Alaska"?

God give me strength.

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